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About Our Company

    We love chips!  Our love for chips is why we began Ronance Mouthwatering Morsels,  but we wanted something different.  A healthier option that doesn't pack on the high calories or carbs of traditional potato chips.  We figured,  why not try mushrooms?  After experimenting with different varieties,  the King Trumpet worked best with their thick stems and meaty texture.  We were able to create what we think is the perfect chip.

    Our King Trumpet mushroom chips are delicately crisp,  mouthwatering morsels of sweet and savory.  The 4 flavors we've created,  Green Onion,  Smoky BBQ, Cocoa Churro and Sea Salt & Black Pepper will cure your hankering for those snack-time flavors you hunger for.

    Made in small batches with real ingredients.  We hope you enjoy eating them as much as we do making them.

    So why not put a little "Ronance" in your life and allow your taste buds to fall in love with something new,  delicious and sure to satisfy.

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