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Get creative with your chips

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Our Cocoa Churro chips are delicious on their own,  lightly sweetened with organic sugar,  cinnamon and a hint of cocoa.  We recommend crumbling them over ice cream to add a crispy and sweet crunch sure to take your dessert to the next level.  Your taste buds will thank you!

Instead of tortilla chips,  add some of our Green Onion chips to your favorite chili.  Our homemade blend of green onion,  garlic,  sea salt, spices and a bit of dill will enhance your chili with an added crunchy goodness you crave.

We all love a little added crunch to our salad.  Our Smoky BBQ chips will add that satisfying crunch without the guilt.  Use in place of croutons to add a nice smoky zest and crispity satisfaction your own salad will thank you for.

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